The focus of our trip to Ecuador was to share the Gospel. The team of twenty-one people spent five days maximizing their time in serving the Lord. From street evangelism, medical clinics, one-on-one evangelism, ministering to basic needs and leading worship services, to training leaders and pastors; each person had a strategic place on the team.

The last day our team leaders planned a tour of the local sights. We rode a bus to the tourist spot on the equator where there were shops and interesting attractions. Claudia, our tour guide did an excellent job giving details and answering questions. Our team was relaxed and “off the clock.”

At one point, I was standing beside Claudia, and she asked, “Are all of you related?” That was the perfect opportunity for me to say, “Yes, we are.” Claudia said, “Are all of you cousins?” “No, I said, “We are brothers and sisters.” She had a shocked look on her face and said, “Really?” My answer was, “Yes, we are brothers and sisters in Christ.”

We were not able to talk long, but I was able to ask Claudia if she knew about Jesus. Her answer was yes, she seemed unsure. I asked if she were to die today, why would God invite her into heaven. Her answer broke my heart. She said, “Well, I try to treat people nice, and I take care of 7 dogs.” At that point, Claudia had to continue the tour, and we were not able to continue our conversation.

That night our team met, and I asked the group to pray for Claudia. I also asked the team leaders to find her and water the seed that planted in her heart.

As Christians, our work never ends. Be ready to take advantage of the opportunities God gives; there are Claudias’ everywhere!