In April, Dr. Michael Walker, Rayland Trisler, and Jimmy Eley traveled to Africa. Their primary purpose was to share ONE Focus with pastors and leaders but, they also ministered to many lay people in the village. The conditions were extreme, but the people were very receptive, and many trusted Christ as Savior.

Dr. Walker and his team held two separate conferences for pastors and leaders with over 400 participants. They were able to use the ONE Focus Manual translated into the local Malawi tribal language. Many pastors were interested in the initiative. Dr. Walker heard one of the pastors say, “The idea of one on one witnessing outside church was a revelation idea for him.”

Here are Dr. Walker’s thoughts about the trip:

  • Was it what I expected? Not at all, not even close.
  • Was it worth it; cost, time, difficulty? All 3 of us say YES, YES, YES! A thousand times over!
  • Would I have gone if I had known the exact situation? No! We would have missed a great blessing from God. Also, it would have been a tragic physical error and grieved the Holy Spirit.
  • Was it beneficial to those attending and well received? Extremely! I believe it will allow ONE Focus to touch 1000’s! Though the pastors in Malawi and Mozambique do not have the technology or finances to do ONE as the U. S. churches, they have a great heart for God, desperation for the lost, and hunger for spiritual help.

Please pray for the Director of Missions, Mark Zimbiri and the other pastors and leaders in Malawi as they use ONE Focus to reach others for Christ.