It was a Monday afternoon in Ecuador. My interpreter, my friend Leroy, and I had been leading a training conference all morning for pastors and leaders in the area. At 4:00 we joined the rest of our group who were conducting a wellness clinic. The clinic was held at a church and we worked closely with the pastor and church volunteers. Some of the team members and volunteers played games with children while others checked blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and eyesight for the adults. Everyone received toothbrushes, toothpaste, other hygiene items and eye glasses if needed.

Our team and church members had been praying for good attendance and for the people to be open to the Gospel. After the men and women had received the medical tests, they sat in groups of 5-6 with two of our team members. Since Leroy and I were late, we had the “perfect” spot for our group—downstairs by the busy street and right outside the only restroom!

Even with all the distractions, God’s power was with us. We shared the Gospel 10 times with 46 different people, and 45 professed their faith in Jesus Christ! And by the way, one person was already a Christ follower and shared his testimony with the group. Each person was so sincere and focused on God’s Word and His truth.

I am so thankful for a Monday afternoon in Ecuador, God’s power and changed hearts.