The following is a testimony from a precious lady who attends Faith Hope and Love Church (FHLC) in Quingdo, China. These are her words translated from Chinese to English, so they will sound a little different!

“My name is Xiaofang Guo and I became a Christian 5 years ago. I have been in FHLC since then, attending the Sunday worship and doing some church works. Every Sunday I take my 8 year-old son to church and he has come to rely on the Lord more. I love my FHLC and the brothers and the sisters in the FHLC. 

The only thing which is not good among all the good things of following the Lord is that my husband is still an unbeliever. This is a soul illness in my heart. The good aspect of this case is that he does not oppose me to follow Jesus. He himself drives me and my son to the campus every Sunday. But every time when I invite him to the church, he refuses. If he comes occasionally, he is not like to do it. I hope he comes to Jesus, but I lack the courage to draw him to the arms of our Lord. 

At the beginning of 2017, my FHLC started a movement called ‘One Focus.’ From then on every Sunday morning we are reminded if we have prayed for our ‘one’ last week and if we have done something for our ‘one’ in the last week. This reminder time and time again makes me think about myself and my deeds. I started to request my husband to come with me to church and to pray for him together with my younger son. I hope God will soften his heart, put down his inner pride, and come to the presence of the Lord. At home I often talk about the people and things that have happened in FHLC in order to make him feel a close relationship with my church. 

My normal work is kind of busy and I need to take care of my son. Though we often pray with my son, we seldom read the Bible. In the recent month, I started to read the Bible and asked my husband to do so as well. By my action and my request, he also started to read the Bible. 

My husband is not a believer yet today, but I can see that his heart has become much softer than before. I will continue to work on him together with my son, so the date comes earlier when he becomes a follower.”

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