God sent many unexpected opportunities during my trip to Ecuador. Fransico, a Vice Chancellor of an Academy and leader in a Quito church, requested a meeting with me after reading my book Quest of the Keys.

Fransico and I met for breakfast and were able to spend a few hours together. He shared the systemic issue of employment in Ecuador. Because there are no jobs, the people don’t give to the church and have experienced an unhealthy cycle of divorce, problems with children and other factors. He went on and on focusing on the problem but had no solutions.

In moments like these, I have learned to ask God to give me the words to say. I asked Fransico if he thought of training people in simple job skills. Furthermore, what about a network of churches to help the Ecuadorian people learn different trades, how to treat people, how to be a good employee, etc.? After training, they would have a good resume. Also, wouldn’t employers rather hire Christian people who have had this training?

Fransico was a man looking for a plan. This plan could be transformational. More people could find a job; therefore, they would be happier, healthier and give to the church. Win-win!